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Education policymakers point to this evidence as proof of the importance of preschool on a childs development. In North Dakota, however, barely a third of three- and four-year old children are enrolled in preschool, compared to close to half of that age group nationwide. North Dakota also has one of the lowest kindergarten enrollment rates of any state. Despite the low enrollment in early childhood education, the state's high school graduation rate of 86.6% is above the national rate of 83.2%. Additionally, a very high share of students in the state have wealthy, educated families. 17. Iowa > Per pupil spending: $12,689 (20th highest) > High school graduation rate: 90.8% (the highest) > Pct. 3 & 4 yr. olds enrolled in preschool: 48.5% (16th highest) The quality of a school system can have a major impact on a students education and eventual career success. However, it is by no means the only factor influencing education outcomes.

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Jack May of South Freeport found these KKK fliers, folded and sealed in plastic baggies, in the driveways of his neighbors early Monday morning. Thats in part because people are so secretive about their gambling habits. National survey data indicates that 85 percent of Americans say they have gambled at least once. About 1 percent of the U.S. population has experienced compulsive gambling, while an estimated 4 million to 6 million Americans have struggled with a less serious gambling problem. Mainers have the option of voluntarily adding themselves to a self-exclusion list , which bars them from casinos for 1-5 years or life, if they choose. Between February 2014 and March 2016, just 270 Mainers added themselves to the list. Most chose to do so at one of the states two casinos, usually after losing significant amounts of money, according to Theriault. While there are similarities between problem gambling and other addictions, one major difference is that some gamblers are treated like winners offered free hotel rooms, trips, and other special high-roller treatments based on how much they spend to feed their habit. That can aggravate an already serious situation, Nealley said.

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