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We liked them as gamblers and as casino people. But when you put them on the floor, the learning curve is difficult. Today you still have people that walk onto the casino floor and are intimidated by craps, Cinelli said. But its one of the easier games on the floor. Its something you can easily teach and afterward people say, Thats it? When youre trying to teach something thats a completely new game when you only have limited floor space, you have to ask is, It worth it? I havent seen that game yet. Its not that no one is trying to develop new games. According to Jonne Brunette, an agent with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, gaming regulators received 19 new game applications in 2016, of which 12 won final approval. However, in the same time, 35 variations on existing games were approved. The disparity makes sense when you consider how hard it is to get a new game in front of consumers and then to get them to actually play it. For any new game, you first have to create awareness of the game and you have to get people to try the game, said Michael A. Meczka, president of Meczka Marketing Research Consulting. And after they try it, you have to hope its successful and you can get a sufficient quantity of people playing แทง สโบเบท อนไลน์ ฟรีเดิมพัน to justify its position on the casino floor.

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